Machines, how are you?

With ZIMBA, the new IIoT and service platform designed by IMA Schelling, we give our customers fundamental insight and target-oriented recommendations for efficient operation of the production chain.

ZIMBA – the next innovation
by IMA Schelling.

Lean schedules, tight budgets, high order volumes and so forth can only be dealt with by good management and a reliable production chain. Terms like downtime, reduced utilization rate or unscheduled maintenance cause high blood pressure to production managers. It is good that we go ahead and bring the future into the present.

With ZIMBA, the new IIoT and service platform designed by IMA Schelling, we give our customers fundamental insight and target-oriented recommendations for efficient operation of the production chain, tightly linked to our service organisation that detects failures and delays before they occur and takes action proactively. That means: full transparency, better planning possibilities and in particular calculable risk.


Keep The Overview

Instant Machine Reportings

With ZIMBA, you can achieve something close to omniscience when it comes to all the machinery in your plant.  How high is the utilization rate of the processing plant, how high is the technical availability, where are the bottlenecks in the production chain?   ZIMBA collects and evaluates all important data for you and automatically sends individual reportings and notifications to the responsible persons.  If a critical situation nevertheless arises, our service will be on the spot immediately and has direct insight into all machine data.  

Know-How Database

All machine data is called up, collected and analysed in real time. New forecast potentials are created from this information.

Operation Manuals

Fast access to operation manuals.


Individual clear-cut presentation of the machine data and status information: from defined characteristics of the workcell to detailed evaluations.


Automatic reportings over defined periods of time are created and digitally transmitted to assigned persons.

In case of stoppage of production, every minute counts for getting production running again. ZIMBA reduces response times to a minimum because machines detect any condition that is becoming critical to production. In such a case, a message will instantly be sent to the IMA Schelling hotline so that we can instantly take all measures necessary for quick trouble shooting. Moreover, a remote connection enables us to establish contact with qualified personnel on site in a simple and uncomplicated way and in every part of the world.

The autodidactic and multi-stage notification and escalation management system informs all involved persons well ahead of time and hence gives them enough time to react without inhibiting production.


Identify Problems


Save more time when our service carries out routine maintenance and repair maintenance even faster and in an even more target-oriented manner. With ZIMBA, the collected data accumulates in a control room that allows us to detect possible problems and initiate preventive measures necessary to correct a fault before it occurs.

The transmitted machine data and a smart evaluation system allow our technicians in the control room to determine if help from specialists is required and at what point in time it is needed. Contact with personnel on site and consolidation are established via a remote connection in an effective and target-oriented manner and without communication and interface losses. In addition to that latest video analysis systems and augmented reality functions provide the error analysis – whether per smartphone or data glasses. A new dimension in the partnership with IMA Schelling.

The data collected from your machines provide you and us with details about future processes and the action recommendations resulting from them. In this process, our great goal is not only to act preventively but to predict at what point in time which action needs to be taken. Always in focus: increasing OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), i.e. availability, capacity and quality.

In the future, ZIMBA will offer many more possibilities: Imagine your machine can learn on its own which fault reoccurs frequently and automatically identify possible sources of failure. Or it initiates a comprehensive analysis based on which you can order the required spare parts or wear parts well in advance – i.e., if everything goes well, before a breakdown causes unscheduled shutdown of the plant.


Increase Efficiency

Machine Learning

Only when you know your processing plant through and through, you can get the optimum out of it and hence keep efficiency as high as possible.  The best way to achieve that goal is to draw the right conclusions from all the machine data, always keeping in view the maximization of availability, output, quality and minimization of rejects – following the slogan: knowing and learning!

Keep your plant efficiency as high as possible and optimize production capacity. We will assist you in this process!

ZIMBA not only gives you the highest possible utilization rate but, with machines running in an interlinked environment, also reduces your energy consumption due to our transparent machine management.

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